LinkedIn: Sharnaz Pavri



Speaker: Courtney Verk and Stephen Coomber
September 20, 2013
It was great to have a Sheridan alumnus and a graduate of our program, as our first guest speaker. Her enthusiasm and positivity about the program and it’s potential for employment was a great motivator as we enter the new world of Web Design.

Sharnaz Pavri spoke from her office in Silicon Valley via Skye and hopes to visit us in person at the end of the school year. Sharnaz currently works at LinkedIn managing the design team called Horizontal Team. Her job entails creating a uniform experience across all platforms of LinkedIn. A typical day for Sharnaz involves lots of meetings, a lot of project management, design and development. The goal is creating a good user experience

Prior to joining LinkedIn Sharnaz worked at Apple in the new product launch department, she worked in a War Room where everything was top secret. The hours were long but it was an exciting place to be. She joined LinkedIn during a period of rapid growth where the company went public. She enjoys the collaborative culture at the company.

Sharnaz had some pointers to help us establish a presence in this field:
Online presence
Creating good work relationships
Networking and making connections.

Thank you Sharnaz for taking the time to share your experiences with us.

LinkedIn Page: Sharnaz Pavri

Company: LinkedIn

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