SapientNitro: Norma Penner and Brad Huffman


Speakers: Norma Penner and Brad Huffman
September 27, 2013

Today we heard from SapientNitro. Brad Huffman, who graduated from Sheridan just last year, and Norma Penner were the speakers.
SapientNitro is a large international company with over 10,000 employees in 35 offices around the world. Lucky for us Toronto is their biggest office with over 300 employees.

SapientNitro is a design and advertising firm that strictly works digitally. They are proof that the future of A and D will be 100% digital. But technology alone is not enough. They are dedicated to  combining innovation with technology to create highly relevant content. But most important – they do that by listening to their clients. SapientNitro does not impose their ideas on their clients but rather listens to what their client needs and guides them toward the solution for their problems. The human to human interaction trumps the digital to digital communication. And that is why they are successful – because they understand the important balance between the human need and the digital need.

Brad and Norma stressed, above all, the importance of hard work combined with great design skills and careful listening skills to achieve greatness. Success follows passion.

Thank you Norma Penner and Brad Huffman for your comments, they are very insightful.

LinkedIn Page: Norma Penner

LinkedIn Page: Brad Huffman

Company: SapientNitro

One comment on “SapientNitro: Norma Penner and Brad Huffman

  1. Mary says:

    As a working old school designer it is wonderful to “sit in” on your visiting speaker and get inspired and pushed… thank you for sharing!…great blog…keep it coming!

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