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Junction Design

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Speaker: Genco Cebecioglu

November 1, 2013

Junction Design is a Toronto based UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) design studio and Genco, a Sheridan web design graduate, is its CEO and Creative Director.

The team at Junction follow a five step process to cut waste, deliver a successful outcome and optimize efficiency:
Research and listen to define the need.
Identify the user to determine functionality and risk elements and to optimize flows.
Collaborative design – team think tank to develop the ‘story’ and create visual identity.
Execution at code level.
Optimization based on user feedback.

Genco had some personal advice for us. He told us not to stress (unfortunately he didn’t tell us how) and not to sell ourselves short. For the Independent Project Genco recommended designing a site in line with our career goals.

Thank you Genco for the informative talk. Junction Design is in my neighbourhood, maybe I can arrange to visit when the workload is not so heavy.

LinkedIn Page: Genco Cebecioglu

Company Web Page: Junction Design