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Speaker: Pietro Gagliano
November 15, 2013.

Secret Location is an award winning firm that focuses on brands and advertising,
entertainment, and original technology to achieve the best outcome for their clients.
Our speaker today is Creative Director and VP Pietro Gagliano. Secret Location is only
five years old and has 35 full time staff and 10 – 20 specialists on contract at any given time.

Pietro shared some case studies to give us an idea of the types of projects they do.
Endgame Interactive: Facebook Episode: Endgame is a Showcase TV series. Secret
Location created an online episode where the showʼs Facebook friends could interact
with the showʼs star to help him solve mysteries. It was a successful venture – 62% of
the fans connected through Facebook and 13.4% finished the full episode. This
innovative project won Secret Location an Emmy, a Gemini, a Webby and a slew of
other awards.

Amazing Race Canada: For the debut season of Amazing Race Canada Secret

Location created the official interactive video and game site. They crafted three minute video “gamisodes” for each of the episodes. Fans could complete online versions of the challenges the teams faced on the show. An important goal was creating branded
content for the major sponsors.

Secret Location follow a three step process from concept to completion:
• Story – Best idea possible without budget or technological constraints.
• Form – Figuring out the best strategies to make the idea a reality.
• Function – Execute and test the plan.

Pietro, thanks for sharing your secrets with us, your company sounds like a very
exciting place to work.

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