Speaker: Michael Gramlow
November 22, 2013.

Colorfield is a digital production company that works with creative agencies to bring
their ideas to life in the digital world. Our speaker today is Michael Gramlow who
founded the company with Amanda Loughran and Tim Scollick in 2012. Michael is the
Creative Director. The partners have all worked on the agency side which sets them
apart from other production companies.

Colorfield works mostly with big consumer brands in the US – Chevy, Ford, Subaru,
NBC, Amex, Old Navy to name just a few. Michael shared details from the Subaru
project with us. The results of a survey showed 90 % of Subaru owners have dogs so
dogs became the focus of the campaign. the TV ad shows a dog buying a car.For
Subaruʼs Facebook page Colorfield included four apps:
• Upload a photo of your pooch and create an “official state driverʼs license.
• Real time virtual chat with a Subaru expert who happens to be a dog.
• Subaru/dog matchmaker.
• Put your dog in a Subaru – upload a photo of your dog and put them in your favorite

Winning awards is important, not for personal recognition but business affirmation.
Clients are attracted to award winning companies.
Michaelʼs advice for our final portfolio:
• Less is more, focus on quality content rather than quantity
• Know your work, be able to discuss, defend and back up your ideas and execution.

Thank you Michael for taking time from your busy schedule to share your insights with

LinkedIn Page: Michael Gramlow

Company Web Page: Colorfield