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Speaker: Lily Varga
January 17, 2014

Visiting us today-Lily Varga from TraffikGroup, a Toronto advertising company working with digital, print and mobile platforms Lily is a Digital Art Director and she’s been with TraffikGroup since 2011. Lily is a graduate a  of our program and has had a variety of interesting work experiences. She excelled in Flash and her first job was designing Flash banners for Lavalife. To gain workplace experience she freelanced with Creative Niche. The downside here is not (usually) being able to use the work you produce in your portfolio.

TraffikGroup is part of the Diageo conglomerate of companies. Diageo is big in alcoholic beverages including Guinness. I’ve been around Guinness advertising all my life – one of our bathrooms at home is covered in vintage Guinness print ads. For my “marketing moment” last semester I chose Guinness because their commercials are so innovative and interesting. Also, I’ve been lucky enough to visit the Guinness museum in Dublin which was amazing. TraffikGroup are introducing a new Guinness product to Canada – Black lager. The commercial show a scene where all other lagers are virtually invisible because they are ordinary.

For Foundry Cider TraffikGroup designed the wrap for transport vehicles including TTC streetcars. The TTC sent templates for five different vehicles. These are big templates – 400 dpi could barely handle the file size.

Lily stressed the importance of responsive websites. TraffikGroup designs for desktop first and then dumbs it down for mobile. We’ve had differing opinions from our speakers this year about how to create responsive websites.

A happy workplace is very important to TraffikGroup. They work hard and play hard together . I think TraffikGroup sounds like a great place to work. The work/play environment fosters a sense of community allowing a comfort level that fosters sharing ideas.

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