Bell Mobility: Miranda Urbanski

Bell Mobility


Speaker: Miranda Urbanski
March 28, 2014

Miranda Urbanski from Bell Mobility was our guest speaker today.
Miranda is Manager, Web Marketing Communications with Bell Mobility.

Miranda has a fine arts background. She has an MFA from Waterloo and, with a Sotheby’s Art Scholarship, completed a Master of Art Business in the UK. Between her master’s degrees Miranda completed the new media design program here at Sheridan in 2007. When Miranda was ready to enter the workforce she was advised to emphasize her web design credentials.

Miranda shared some insights she has learned in her career so far:

  • There is more than one way to get where you are going
  • A career path is more like a jungle gym than a ladder
  • Always have a Plan B
  • Nurture your network
  • Learning is lifelong (creativity favors the interested mind)
  • Pay it forward
  • If you are not learning in your job or it cannot advance your career then it is not the job for you.

Thank you Miranda for returning to Sheridan to share your experiences with us. It was interesting to me on a personal level as my educational background is also in fine arts. I hope you continue to find time for your art. That is what I hope for myself also.

LinkedIn: Miranda Urbanski