OneMethod: Darcy Reaume and Daniella Gullo



Speaker: Darcy Reaume and Daniella Gullo
April 4, 2014

Today we hosted our final guest speakers, another reminder that this great experience is coming to an end. Darcy Reaume, Design Director, and Daniella Gullo, Social Media Manager, enthusiastically shared the process and culture of OneMethod Digital + Design, Toronto’s largest independent agency. 

OneMethod’s award-winning services include: interactive experiences, social marketing, mobile marketing, motion graphics, advertising, print design, branding, strategy, sports marketing and interior design.The OneMethod team is made up of business leaders, project managers, social media managers, social strategists, community managers, creative directors, design directors, copywriters, designers, photographers and legal specialists. Nestle, San Pellegrino, Toronto Raptors, Svedka Vodka, Perrier, Kit Kat, Aero and Scotiabank make up just some of their client list.

Darcy and Daniella shared OneMethod’s strategic planning approach:

  • Identifiable,easy to grasp brand
  • Answer brand issues
  • Identify unique selling concepts
  • Establish image for the brand -their values, personality and properties.
  • Communication Pillars: Explores 4 – 5 areas of creativity to eliminate stretching the brand too far, to measure performance and to minimize client push back.

They talked about the still new field of social media branding and its inherent dangers. There are now multiple, easy to access, inexpensive, platforms for companies to advertise their products, brands and services. All content needs to be amplified in order to get any engagement or make an impression.  Every post should be treated as an advertisement and have a strong objective. Companies have to be careful about maintaining their brand’s values and tone in this uncontrolled environment.

Overall today’s talk was very interesting, an in-depth look at the process and thoughts behind the every day decisions especially those related to social media and all its hurdles.

Thanks to Darcy Reaume and Daniella Gullo for coming out and wrapping up this year’s guest speaker experience with a bang.

LinkedIn: Darcy Reaume

LinkedIn: Daniella Gullo

Company: OneMethod

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