Queen West Art Crawl


Trinity Bellwood Park
September 21/22, 2013

The Queen West Art Crawl is an annual two-day juried outdoor art exhibition held at the lovely Trinity Bellwoods Park in the exciting, diverse Queen West neighbourhood of Toronto. As well as 250+ exhibitors/vendors there is an entertainment stage, children’s activities and food vendors.

I’ve always enjoyed this event as a visitor and this year I was accepted as an exhibitor and was pretty excited about this new role. I chose to show my silkscreened figural prints and edition resin prints of my cupcake paintings.

Unfortunately, on the day my excitement soon turned to downright drudgery. The weather was most uncooperative. The eve of the event was marked by a continuous downpour. We arrived early Saturday morning and erected the tent in a sea of mud next to a pathway which had transformed into a mini lake. But we persevered and five hours later we were done and took time for a much needed breakfast. I was surprised at the number of visitors who came out that day. Safely traversing the mini lake with strollers and dogs was not easy and my tent became invisible in the snarl of stroller traffic. But my spirits got a lift by mid afternoon when we discovered the best fish tacos ever at the Food Dudes food truck.

The rain stopped during the evening and I looked forward to a better day on Sunday but my mini lake had not abated so I was still an unreachable island. Things improved in the afternoon and I got lots of positive feedback and even sold a few items.
Even though the conditions were miserable everyone stayed upbeat and made the best of the situation. My mom bought me a Tardis sock monkey and another couple of trips to the Food Dudes and I was pretty happy.

Will I do it again? A month ago I said no way but as time goes by I am forgetting the bad parts and remembering the good so come out next year and visit me at the Queen West Art Crawl.



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