Sheridan Sports Injury Clinic

Sheridan Sports Injury Clinic, Brampton
November 29, 2013.


Today was physical fitness assessment day. Sheila Greenland, our professor arranged
a class trip to Sheridanʼs Sports Injury Clinic in Brampton to make us more health/
fitness conscious. This is key for people in the web design field who spend ridiculous
stretches of time sitting in front a computer screen.
The 4th year Physio students took us through three rotations:

• Stretching clinic – relieves stiffness and soreness, injury prevention. Many of these
stretches can be done while sitting at the computer and are really important in
preventing future chronic conditions. We covered neck, fingers, wrist and back

• Strengthening clinic – to improve posture. My posture sucks so I was interested in
learning some corrective exercises. They really work, I felt I was standing straighter for the rest of the day. Now I just have to make this part of my routine.

• Assessment – In this rotation we were asked questions about our personal fitness/
activity levels (unfortunately, going to the gym was one of the first things I dropped
when I started this course), medical problems, medications, pain issues. For me itʼs
my lower back (my bad posture doesnʼt help). I was given an explanation for my
problem and some very doable exercises to gradually improve the condition.
Overall this experience was an enlightening one and it was also a lot of fun. We all got good advice that was very specific to the type of job we do.
I know this was not really an art outing but it is the making of art and the creative
process that is causing my pain issues.

Thank you to all the students who helped us, my back thanks you too.

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