Weather Network


I take the Weather Network for granted, I’m glad it’s there and find it very helpful (especially this winter), so when given the opportunity to visit I wasn’t sure what to expect. I never imagined such a fascinating, diverse and complex place.

First we had a presentation hosted by John Gallant, V.P. Design and User Experience.

John explained that the Weather Network’s twenty five years of success can be attributed to their culture which is built on clearly defined values:

  • Open direct communications
  • Strong leadership
  • Promotion from within
  • Encouragement and support of employees to grow their careers.

The Weather Network is operated by Pelmorex Media Inc. Pelmorex also operates Météo Media, Canada’s only French weather network. Internationally they operate in the UK and Spain. Pelmorex recently acquired Beat the Traffic which provides real time traffic info for your location.

The Weather Network operates on many platforms: web, apps, smart TV, TV and sponsorship. Each platform has to to be tested for user experience: research, usability, heuristic evaluation and experience mapping. And then you have consumer integration. Testing is done throughout the design process and across all platforms. The scope of the operation is amazing.

After the presentation we were treated to lunch and had the opportunity to speak to people in the Design department, some of them graduates from our program.

Finally, we were taken on a tour which was great fun. We visited the green room, watched Fatima do a weather forecast in front of the green screen and visited the Beat the Traffic studio and talked with one of the presenters.

Thank you John Gallant for an eye-opening presentation, Stacey Litrenta for a great tour, and all the designers who took time to talk to us. Thank you for lunch and gifts, always appreciated by students.

LinkedIn: John Gallant

Weather Network

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