Bell Mobility: Miranda Urbanski

Bell Mobility


Speaker: Miranda Urbanski
March 28, 2014

Miranda Urbanski from Bell Mobility was our guest speaker today.
Miranda is Manager, Web Marketing Communications with Bell Mobility.

Miranda has a fine arts background. She has an MFA from Waterloo and, with a Sotheby’s Art Scholarship, completed a Master of Art Business in the UK. Between her master’s degrees Miranda completed the new media design program here at Sheridan in 2007. When Miranda was ready to enter the workforce she was advised to emphasize her web design credentials.

Miranda shared some insights she has learned in her career so far:

  • There is more than one way to get where you are going
  • A career path is more like a jungle gym than a ladder
  • Always have a Plan B
  • Nurture your network
  • Learning is lifelong (creativity favors the interested mind)
  • Pay it forward
  • If you are not learning in your job or it cannot advance your career then it is not the job for you.

Thank you Miranda for returning to Sheridan to share your experiences with us. It was interesting to me on a personal level as my educational background is also in fine arts. I hope you continue to find time for your art. That is what I hope for myself also.

LinkedIn: Miranda Urbanski





Speaker: Michael Gramlow
November 22, 2013.

Colorfield is a digital production company that works with creative agencies to bring
their ideas to life in the digital world. Our speaker today is Michael Gramlow who
founded the company with Amanda Loughran and Tim Scollick in 2012. Michael is the
Creative Director. The partners have all worked on the agency side which sets them
apart from other production companies.

Colorfield works mostly with big consumer brands in the US – Chevy, Ford, Subaru,
NBC, Amex, Old Navy to name just a few. Michael shared details from the Subaru
project with us. The results of a survey showed 90 % of Subaru owners have dogs so
dogs became the focus of the campaign. the TV ad shows a dog buying a car.For
Subaruʼs Facebook page Colorfield included four apps:
• Upload a photo of your pooch and create an “official state driverʼs license.
• Real time virtual chat with a Subaru expert who happens to be a dog.
• Subaru/dog matchmaker.
• Put your dog in a Subaru – upload a photo of your dog and put them in your favorite

Winning awards is important, not for personal recognition but business affirmation.
Clients are attracted to award winning companies.
Michaelʼs advice for our final portfolio:
• Less is more, focus on quality content rather than quantity
• Know your work, be able to discuss, defend and back up your ideas and execution.

Thank you Michael for taking time from your busy schedule to share your insights with

LinkedIn Page: Michael Gramlow

Company Web Page: Colorfield

Secret Location

Secret Location

secret location1

Speaker: Pietro Gagliano
November 15, 2013.

Secret Location is an award winning firm that focuses on brands and advertising,
entertainment, and original technology to achieve the best outcome for their clients.
Our speaker today is Creative Director and VP Pietro Gagliano. Secret Location is only
five years old and has 35 full time staff and 10 – 20 specialists on contract at any given time.

Pietro shared some case studies to give us an idea of the types of projects they do.
Endgame Interactive: Facebook Episode: Endgame is a Showcase TV series. Secret
Location created an online episode where the showʼs Facebook friends could interact
with the showʼs star to help him solve mysteries. It was a successful venture – 62% of
the fans connected through Facebook and 13.4% finished the full episode. This
innovative project won Secret Location an Emmy, a Gemini, a Webby and a slew of
other awards.

Amazing Race Canada: For the debut season of Amazing Race Canada Secret

Location created the official interactive video and game site. They crafted three minute video “gamisodes” for each of the episodes. Fans could complete online versions of the challenges the teams faced on the show. An important goal was creating branded
content for the major sponsors.

Secret Location follow a three step process from concept to completion:
• Story – Best idea possible without budget or technological constraints.
• Form – Figuring out the best strategies to make the idea a reality.
• Function – Execute and test the plan.

Pietro, thanks for sharing your secrets with us, your company sounds like a very
exciting place to work.

LinkedIn Page:  Pietro Gagliano

Company: Secret Location

/newsrooms, Filminute

/newsrooms, Filminute


Speaker:  Sabaa Quao
November 8, 2013

Sabaa is a self proclaimed career entrepreneur with a wide range of work interests and a diverse education. He has a degree in Communication and Design from OCADU, a B.Comm from Concordia and an executive MBA from The Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. He is passionate about design, emerging media and branding. He is President and Co-Founder of /newsrooms, a network dedicated to building continuous content marketing and social media coverage for brands. His energy is contagious and I enjoyed his talk very much.

Sabaa’s  tagline is “Creativity is the most important resource on the planet”, another reason he impressed me.

Sabaa’s insights:

Creativity does not exist alone, you have to learn the tools and discipline to make it work. Discipline will protect your creativity.

  • A “me too” strategy will almost always fail, so skip the imitation of anyone and everyone else.
  • Design: if you can solve a problem you’re ahead.
  • Know your “origin story”, you need to know the origin to better understand how to proceed.
  • Recognizing when something is going to change creates opportunities.
  • Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.
  • Desktop web is in decline, mobile web is increasing.
  • Going by the numbers will crush your creativity.

Thanks for the inspirational talk Sabaa and for bringing such great energy.

LinkedIn Page: Sabaa Quao

Company: /newsrooms, Filminute

Junction Design

Junction Design

Junction design1

Speaker: Genco Cebecioglu

November 1, 2013

Junction Design is a Toronto based UI/UX (User Interface/User Experience) design studio and Genco, a Sheridan web design graduate, is its CEO and Creative Director.

The team at Junction follow a five step process to cut waste, deliver a successful outcome and optimize efficiency:
Research and listen to define the need.
Identify the user to determine functionality and risk elements and to optimize flows.
Collaborative design – team think tank to develop the ‘story’ and create visual identity.
Execution at code level.
Optimization based on user feedback.

Genco had some personal advice for us. He told us not to stress (unfortunately he didn’t tell us how) and not to sell ourselves short. For the Independent Project Genco recommended designing a site in line with our career goals.

Thank you Genco for the informative talk. Junction Design is in my neighbourhood, maybe I can arrange to visit when the workload is not so heavy.

LinkedIn Page: Genco Cebecioglu

Company Web Page: Junction Design

Maclaren McCann: John Alabaszowski

Maclaren McCann

Speaker: John Alabaszowski
October 18, 2013

Today we heard from John Alabaszowski from Maclaren McCann, a top integrated advertising firm with over 450 employees.

Last year John took time away from his busy career as V.P. Group Creative Director to teach the Independent Project class for our program. He advised us to stay on top of advances in technology.

John talked about some of the interesting projects developed at Maclaren McCann. This is a very innovative firm that has trusting clients who let them take creative liberties. The Xbox game Gears of War 3 combines the use of gameplay with the live interaction of real people. It is a third party shooter game where you find “hidden cogs’ that lead to a prize that you collect in real life.  The final prize is a piece of locust meat from the giant locusts in the game that can be redeemed at special butcher stores. This concept created lots of buzz about the game where people shared what they had found. This popular interactive component got people out of their homes and interacting with real people.

Another popular project was for Mastercard. Mastercard asked Maclaren McCann to create billboard posters looking for interns. Maclaren McCann grew this idea into the #Interns Wanted Campaign. This project demanded that the prospective interns navigate a variety of social media in order to submit a resume, so the very act of submitting a resume became part of the application process.

My personal favourite is their treatment of Wendy’s need to advertise their poutine. Everybody does poutine so a competitive edge was needed. The solution was to create an online petition – the Poutition – to make poutine Canada’s national food.

Thank you John Alabaszowski I enjoyed hearing about your exciting company.

LinkedIn Page: John Alabaszowski

Company: Maclaren McCann

SapientNitro: Norma Penner and Brad Huffman


Speakers: Norma Penner and Brad Huffman
September 27, 2013

Today we heard from SapientNitro. Brad Huffman, who graduated from Sheridan just last year, and Norma Penner were the speakers.
SapientNitro is a large international company with over 10,000 employees in 35 offices around the world. Lucky for us Toronto is their biggest office with over 300 employees.

SapientNitro is a design and advertising firm that strictly works digitally. They are proof that the future of A and D will be 100% digital. But technology alone is not enough. They are dedicated to  combining innovation with technology to create highly relevant content. But most important – they do that by listening to their clients. SapientNitro does not impose their ideas on their clients but rather listens to what their client needs and guides them toward the solution for their problems. The human to human interaction trumps the digital to digital communication. And that is why they are successful – because they understand the important balance between the human need and the digital need.

Brad and Norma stressed, above all, the importance of hard work combined with great design skills and careful listening skills to achieve greatness. Success follows passion.

Thank you Norma Penner and Brad Huffman for your comments, they are very insightful.

LinkedIn Page: Norma Penner

LinkedIn Page: Brad Huffman

Company: SapientNitro