Maclaren McCann: John Alabaszowski

Maclaren McCann

Speaker: John Alabaszowski
October 18, 2013

Today we heard from John Alabaszowski from Maclaren McCann, a top integrated advertising firm with over 450 employees.

Last year John took time away from his busy career as V.P. Group Creative Director to teach the Independent Project class for our program. He advised us to stay on top of advances in technology.

John talked about some of the interesting projects developed at Maclaren McCann. This is a very innovative firm that has trusting clients who let them take creative liberties. The Xbox game Gears of War 3 combines the use of gameplay with the live interaction of real people. It is a third party shooter game where you find “hidden cogs’ that lead to a prize that you collect in real life.  The final prize is a piece of locust meat from the giant locusts in the game that can be redeemed at special butcher stores. This concept created lots of buzz about the game where people shared what they had found. This popular interactive component got people out of their homes and interacting with real people.

Another popular project was for Mastercard. Mastercard asked Maclaren McCann to create billboard posters looking for interns. Maclaren McCann grew this idea into the #Interns Wanted Campaign. This project demanded that the prospective interns navigate a variety of social media in order to submit a resume, so the very act of submitting a resume became part of the application process.

My personal favourite is their treatment of Wendy’s need to advertise their poutine. Everybody does poutine so a competitive edge was needed. The solution was to create an online petition – the Poutition – to make poutine Canada’s national food.

Thank you John Alabaszowski I enjoyed hearing about your exciting company.

LinkedIn Page: John Alabaszowski

Company: Maclaren McCann

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