Mosaic: Courtney Verk and Stephen Coomber


Speaker: Courtney Verk and Stephen Coomber
September 20, 2013

Our second visiting speakers came to us from Mosaic.  Mosaic is an experiential marketing company which is essentially a company that relies on the human experience but conveys the message through multi media. We heard from Stephen Coomber and Courtney Verk both graduates  of the Sheridan Web Design program.

They stressed the importance of controlling your own destiny right from the start. Never feel controlled. Always look for the angle that works for you – don’t accept what doesn’t work and keep asking questions until you arrive at what is the right fit for you. Of course hard work was stressed but through hard work may come the realization that you want to pursue a different  area. Courtney used herself as a perfect example. She started her career managing projects  and ended up as a full time writer as she discovered this was her vocation. Stephen understands that working with other people – he manages 12 – requires a sense of humour and humility. Don’t take yourself too seriously.

Their talk concentrated on people skills. Of course digital expertise, design quality and great ideas are the function of the company but the backbone of the company seems to be their human development skills overall.

Thank you Courtney Verk and Stephen Coomber for sharing the dynamics of your company.

LinkedIn Page: Courtney Verk

LinkedIn Page: Stephen Coomber

Company: Mosaic

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