/newsrooms, Filminute

/newsrooms, Filminute


Speaker:  Sabaa Quao
November 8, 2013

Sabaa is a self proclaimed career entrepreneur with a wide range of work interests and a diverse education. He has a degree in Communication and Design from OCADU, a B.Comm from Concordia and an executive MBA from The Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto. He is passionate about design, emerging media and branding. He is President and Co-Founder of /newsrooms, a network dedicated to building continuous content marketing and social media coverage for brands. His energy is contagious and I enjoyed his talk very much.

Sabaa’s  tagline is “Creativity is the most important resource on the planet”, another reason he impressed me.

Sabaa’s insights:

Creativity does not exist alone, you have to learn the tools and discipline to make it work. Discipline will protect your creativity.

  • A “me too” strategy will almost always fail, so skip the imitation of anyone and everyone else.
  • Design: if you can solve a problem you’re ahead.
  • Know your “origin story”, you need to know the origin to better understand how to proceed.
  • Recognizing when something is going to change creates opportunities.
  • Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity.
  • Desktop web is in decline, mobile web is increasing.
  • Going by the numbers will crush your creativity.

Thanks for the inspirational talk Sabaa and for bringing such great energy.

LinkedIn Page: Sabaa Quao

Company: /newsroomsFilminute

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